Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi-permanent Make-up (SPMU)

SPMU, also known as micropigmentation or permanent cosmetics, is simply expertly applied makeup with techniques offering 24/7 “looks that last”.

The procedure involves implanting tiny particles of coloured pigment beneath the surface of the skin to create make up looks that last. Advances in the industry now mean that SPMU has choices as well as answers. From soft powdered effect eyebrows to single hair replication, luscious lips in an array of colours for definition and balance, eyeliner as fine or bold as your desire and the option to have a strategically placed Beauty Spot.

Pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin using a state-of-the-art machine designed specifically for the cosmetic market. These digital systems are very different to conventional machines and inks used in conventional tattoo studios.

Semi-permanent Eyebrows

Regardless of the natural growth of your brow hair, or your current brow shape, semi-permanent cosmetics will provide you with the perfect brows you have always wanted. It is ideal for people with thin or non-existent eyebrows, have poor eyesight, have difficulty applying make-up or for those who suffer from alopecia. It adds fabulous shape and lift to your brows, without the need for surgery, and corrects sparse or over plucked brows. Anyone who requires emphasis of the brows will love this procedure and the time saved never having to pencil again.

Once the procedure is complete you can swim, play sports or just lie in the sun without the worry of ever losing your brows. Choose between a soft textured look, hair simulation or a bold powdered look.

Semi-permanent Eyeliner

The eyeliner you have always dreamt of….

One that does not smudge, wash off or let you down during those emotional moments.

Whether you would like a fully made up heavier effect or a soft natural line to enhance your eye colour, this treatment offers you the full spectrum of choice. By applying a fine line through the top, bottom or both sets of lashes we will give your eyes the definition they need.

Semi-permanent Lipline or Full Lip Colour

Semi-permanent Lip Lines help to define your lips by enhancing the shape, enlarging and correcting uneven lips.

Lip liner can give your lips a cleaner, but natural shape and the illusion of fuller lips. Semi-Permanent Lip line is a wonderful alternative to injected fillers without the puffy results, and this process can be achieved in a wide range of colours that are best suited to your skin tone.

Or, give your lips maximum definition and lustre with a full lip colour treatment. Fantastic if you no longer want to use lipstick, or if you want to get back your youthful rosy glow.

A full lip colour is a must if you have irregular shaped, poorly defined or pale lips. The treatment can be done using one colour, with the pigment artfully shaded through the area to create a fuller looking lip.

The treatment can be completed using 2-3 shades of pigment, to give you luscious full looking lips with highlights and shadows in just the right places to maximise lip volume.

Semi-permanent Beauty Spot

A strategically placed dot for a seductive effect. Creation of a beauty spot is so natural only you will know. This has proved extremely popular just above the lip, or high on the cheekbone.

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Semi-permanent Make-up    
Consultation/Patch Test £0.00  
Semi-permanent Eyebrows £500 Patch test compulsory
Semi-Permanent Lip line £650 Patch test compulsory
Semi-Permanent Beauty Spot £95 Patch test compulsory
Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Top or Bottom £400 Patch test compulsory
Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Top & Bottom £500 Patch test compulsory
Top-Up Eyebrows (14 months) £275  
Top-Up Lips (14 months) £350  
Top-Up Top or Bottom Eyeliner (14 months) £250  
Top-Up Top & Bottom Eyeliner (14 months)  £325  


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